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  • 7th Grade Sewing Projects  Acroread download 
  • Holmes 2015 Veterans Day Assembly  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Students Proudly Display Their Sewing Projects!  Acroread download 
  • Congratulations to Holmes 9th Grader Megan Pezley!  Acroread download 
  • Taking the Road Less Traveled  Acroread download 
  • Red Ribbon Week 2015  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Bicycle Club Update  Acroread download 
  • Congratulations to Holmes Northeast Iowa Honor Band Students!  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Scholastic Book Fair  Acroread download 
  • E-Cigarettes and Vaping  Acroread download 
  • Congrats Holmes Opus 2015!!  Acroread download 
  • Thanks for Joining Us to Celebrate 50 Years at Holmes!  Acroread download 
  • Slide Show Celebrating 50 Years at Holmes Jr. High!  Acroread download 
  • Please Join Us on October 11th to Celebrate 50 Years at Holmes Jr. High! !  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Jr. High Dedicates Seller’s Prairie With New Sign!  Acroread download 
  • Congratulations to Mr. Hall and Five Holmes Orchestra students!  Acroread download 
  • Homecoming Week Special Days at Holmes  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Magazine Sale Kicked off Thursday and WE Need Your Help!  Acroread download 
  • 2015-16 Student Council Installation Assembly  Acroread download 
  • Congratulations to Mrs. Barrows and Mrs. Knox!  Acroread download 
  • Special Thanks to Student Tech Helpers  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Makerspace Lab  Acroread download 
  • Monarchs Arrive at Holmes Outdoor Prairie Lab!  Acroread download 
  • Digital StarLab at Holmes Jr. High  Acroread download 
  • Sellers Prairie Returns at Holmes Jr. High!  Acroread download 
  • Holmes Anti-Bullying Committee (ABC) Video  Acroread download 

Weekly Update  

  • November 25, 2015
  • Safety Tips on Slips, Trips and Falls  Acroread download 
  • 2015-16 A-B day rotation calendar  Acroread download 

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  • Holmes 2015 Veterans Day Assembly  Acroread download 
  • Makerspace "What is it and what can you do?  Video download 
  • Slide Show Celebrating 50 Years at Holmes Jr. High!  Acroread download 
  • Fall Dance on Oct 2, 2015  Video download 
  • Hartman 2015  Video download 
  • 2015-16 Student Council Installation Assembly  Acroread download 
  • What Extended Learning Opportunities have done at Holmes Junior High.  Video download 

"Journeys; What's your Mountain"  

 "Journeys; What's your Mountain" 
is a series of features which share six inspiring Iowa stories written to brighten your day. Iowans are sharing their inspirational stories in these features in an effort to help others. One of those features shares Holmes Jr. High Principal David Welter's journey with cancer with the focus of his journal being to help others who may be facing similar trials. 

"Journeys; What's your Mountain" link:

"Journeys; What's your Mountain" link; David Welter Journal:

"Reflections From the Home Team" link:


Cedar Falls Principal Receives Top Honors From Iowa School Organization

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